New CAEF president Chiara Danieli

New CAEF president Chiara Danieli with full agenda in key
year for European foundry industry

The new year 2022 will be an important one for the European foundry industry. On the
one hand, Covid-19 infection figures, supply bottlenecks and energy costs determine
daily business and affect the important recovery of the manufacturing sector. On the
other hand, decisive European and global parameters are being set for the future of the
industry. Chiara Danieli’s CAEF presidency, which began at the turn of the year, is
focusing on these fundamental and forward-looking aspects

CAEF represents 4 700 European foundries. Nearly 300 000 employees are generating a
turnover of 43 billion Euro. European foundries are recruiting 20 000 workers and engineers
per year. The main customer industries are e.g. the automotive, the general engineering and
the building industries as well as the electrical engineering industry. No industrial sector exists
without using casted components.
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