The use of release agents specifically designed for core and mold production increases product quality and productivity in foundries. This is particularly evident in the production of intricate shapes with contours that tend to cause over-application of a release agent at the edges or in the filling areas. The special composition of the materials used in modern release agents from ASK Chemicals significantly reduces the cleaning effort of the core boxes. The products have an exceptionally long service life and usually have long application cycles.

Our release agents generally have flexible means of application by brush, cloth or spray system, according to the equipment available at the core shop.


ZIP SLIP 184H release agent is our recommendation for unmatched productivity and zero VOC impact from your core production. The special feature of this release agent, when used correctly, is its impressive efficiency. The release agent can still be effective up to 50+ cycles before requiring reapplication, depending on core making conditions and proper application. ZIP SLIP 184H is only available in the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.