Elkem Foundry and Steel Products: the leading metal treatment solution provider for cast iron and steel

Elkem’s state-of-the-art products and technical support ensure that you can achieve prime quality and consistency in your steel production and iron castings.

Our product range includes alloys to manufacture grey, ductile, and compacted graphite iron as well as Si-based ferroalloys specifically designed for making steel, in particular electrical, stainless, and special steels. Our skilled Technical Service teams, together with our local sales force, are happy to share their experience with you and assist in optimising your processes.

For cast iron production, Elkem has the products and process advice to help you to establish and refine your production. From magnesium treatment and inoculation to process automation and thermal analysis, Elkem Foundry Products is your partner for improved castings.

For steel production, Elkem is one of the leading producers of special silicon based ferroalloys to the steel industry. We are focusing on continuously developing better silicon alloys to meet current and future needs of the steel industry.