NSF Partner-Oshaug Metall

Oshaug Metall AS is a 4th generation foundry in central Molde that manufactures propeller components for ships in cast NiAl bronze.

Our renowned quality components are characterized under our brand Copperstorm® and are preferred by the world’s leading propeller manufacturers for the most demanding propeller installations. All propeller manufacturers in Scandinavia are our customers.

Kilos cast
Today we cast approximately 400 tons of NiAl-bronze per year. Products are mainly blades and hubs from 100 to 2500 kg.

Since 1927
Proud traditions
Our foundry was established in 1927. In 2027 we are celebrating 100 years of experience with high quality castings.

High quality castings produced
The common nominator between Oshaugs products is that they are tailor made exactly according to our customers specifications. We have delivered 50 000 components in strict accordance with our customers specifications and expectations.

Working according to enviromental management systems
Oshaug has implementing a mindset of continuous improvement for reducing our environmental footprint. Our carbon footprint is already below the industry average and we are further reducing it by establishing high level goals and evaluating our internal procedures to meet those goals.