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Du kan ta kontakt med Svas Kjemi AS på telefon 63 88 55 00.

Premises & Investments
To provide 100% quality products, we keep investing in our premises steadily.
Our new options for you:
 More than 20.000 square meters premises.
 In-house fully machined boards’ fabrication.
 high-tech 2 to 3 component casting equipment for boards and blocks.
 3 computer-controlled post-curing ovens for blanks up to 8 m length and temperatures up to 200°C, production log.
 High-quality renowned machinery for application of lay-up pastes.
 Vacuum- differential-casting equipment as well as low-pressure RIM-2-component casting equipment for Rapid Prototyping.
 In-house research lab with latest technology test methods and measuring device.
 Manifold application technology for all your needs.