The outbreak of Coronavirus is affecting our society and economies and is one of the greatest

challenges that most of us will have faced in our lives and professional careers. As a truly global

organization, the WFO appreciates that this challenge is being felt by our members all over the

world and has recently carried out a survey analyzing the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic is

having on activity in our sector, including information shared by the main global producers.

In this new situation created by the pandemic, the health and safe work of individuals has also

become an essential part of the reopening plans of foundries and casting facilities. Foundries,

suppliers and all the other companies from the metalcasting industry are developing systems to

manage the Covid 19 re-working initiatives, following the different directives established in each


We are pleased to present in this document, which has been initiated by our UK member ICME

and developed by the Cast Metals Federation (UK), and which is intended to offer some support

in this situation with suggestions for foundries to help them ensure safe working. The general

scope of the report covers the general suggestions, with information about specific resources

and legislation provided by some of the WFO countries.

I hope that this document will be valuable for your organizations, and thank the Cast Metals

Federation for their work in gathering this information and for sharing it with our industry,