We’re committed to providing a customer-centric service. Our local industry experts will work closely with you to find the ideal solution from our multi-mineral portfolio, whatever your requirements. With over 200 sites in 41 countries, Sibelco has the reach, resource and technical expertise to provide you with the highest quality minerals and best customer support, wherever you are in the world.

Our Heritage

Sibelco was founded in 1872, initially supplying silica sand from deposits in Flanders to Belgium’s major glass producers. Our association with the clay industry stretches back even further, with our UK operations producing world-renowned ball clay in the south west of England for over 300 years.

Today, we supply a vast portfolio of specialist minerals for use in a wide range of industries and applications. Throughout this growth our values have held firm and we remain family-owned, always taking a long-term perspective and valuing our role as a key partner in our customers’ futures.

Built to innovate

Our innovation programme is driven by market trends and the changing needs of our customers, often focused on energy reduction and more efficient use of raw materials.

We operate 26 specialist Technical Centres worldwide, each one focused on a specific application, from glass and ceramics through to coatings and sports surfaces.

Contact us today to discuss the challenges you face and how our minerals could help to meet them.