WFO 2023 General Assembly presentation

Dear all,Thank you very much to all of you that finally were able to attend in person or online our last 2023 General Assembly in Portoroz, Slovenia,


and to the rest of the delegates for the preliminary approval of all the proposals tabled. Thanks also once again to Mirjam Jan-Blazic for all the arrangement to celebrate our meeting there.Please find attached in this communication the presentation used in the meeting and a photo.The General Assembly remains as the most important annual encounter for the WFO Associations, so please send us any question that you consider to be outstanding from the session so we can continue the discussion with you. As it was announced during the meeting we will soon call all the official delegates from the WFO Associations for our annual call, where we will be able to discuss with time some of the most relevant topics introduced in the last meeting. Best regards, 

José Javier GonzálezGeneral SecretaryWorld Foundry Organizationjjgonzalez@thewfo.comwww.thewfo.com