Attracting and retaining top talent in the
foundry industry
Perspectives on the industrial situation and challenges for metalcasting

Part of the future of the foundry sector relies on its ability to encourage new professionals to join it,
along with its capacity to enhance the technical and leadership skills of young people within its
companies and organizations. In addition, a special focus can be set on women, who still represent a
low percentage of the total labor force, even lower than the figures in Manufacturing as a whole. In a
context where the pandemic crisis is accelerating some of the challenges for this sector, a true global
cooperation to promote its image as an advanced and technological industry seems to be key for these
actions. Talking with some top global female leaders allow us to shape the way our industry is being
challenged and highlight some of the solutions that the international industry is developing to face the
actual complexity.
Encouraging new talent and enhancing leadership skills of young women in Foundry